At the Philanthropy Centre we have 20 years of experience of designing tests in fundraising communications. All our tests are theory driven, so once we’ve analysed what you do now, we can work with you to select ideas that will be most likely to generate an uplift in response.

BUT – we are not driven by technique. All our testing is built on ideas that will add real value for your supporters. Put simply, when people feel good, they give more. So why not attend to the genuine needs of your supporters.

In some of our previous work we’ve been able to double the income from campaigns.

So here’s the pitch. If you work with us and we achieve no uplift in giving, you owe us nothing. Yes that’s right absolutely nothing. 

But if we achieve an uplift, you can pay us a fixed fee based on the category of uplift achieved.

For an informal conversation please call Adrian on +44 (0) 1752 545706 or email adrian@philanthropy-centre.org.

Previous clients have been based in the UK, USA and Australia – so don’t hesitate to get in touch wherever you’re based.