Want to massively increase your income?

Interested in making your supporters feel good about themselves when they give?

If you answered ‘YES’ to the questions above, the identity survey is for you. 


Most fundraisers have a basic understanding of donor motivation and why people support their organization. But motives for giving only provide a partial explanation for the act of giving and what it can mean for the donor.

Hugely more powerful is the notion of identity. What are the top five adjectives that your most loyal donors use to describe themselves? How are they different from your newly recruited donors?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, the identity survey is for you. 


Our survey will give you unique and actionable data that you can use to fundamentally change the way you communicate.

Communications that use identity are massively more powerful – delivering up to a 200% increase in giving.


On completion of your survey you will receive:

– A report explaining what identities your donors express through their giving

– A results briefing to go through how these identities impact on their giving and how you can implement the findings

– A communication ‘checklist’ and a hand-holding session to help you implement the learnings into three communications


*Based on an ultimate set of 600 responses


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