Converge Project

We are delighted to be working with Informed Communications Group to offer a major new research opportunity, blending insights from a behavioural analysis and our work on philanthropic psychology.


Can You Think Double?

We believe that increasing the psychological wellbeing of donors through their support and contact with your organization should be the goal of all fundraising. People should feel good when they give or read about what their gifts have achieved.


Working with 15 organizations over the past five years, The Philanthropy Centre has shown that attending to the human wellbeing of donors also doubles giving. Put simply, people who feel good about themselves as a consequence of their giving (and other support) also give more and give for longer.


Participate in This Study

This multi-sector study, the first of its kind, is designed to add to this knowledge by combining The Philanthropy Centre’s insights into donors’ psychology with iNFORMED’s behavioural segmentation system – the LENS. We’re excited about this opportunity because the LENS identifies segments of donors who might be at different stages of their lifecycle. So it can identify donors who are getting closer to the organization and those who are moving away.

In addition to these behaviours this study will identify how different segments of donors feel about themselves through their support, and how organizations can enhance their personal wellbeing. The study will be undertaken at the sector level (e.g. health, education, human services)  to generate concrete and actionable insights.


This unique project will be conducted by Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Prof. Jen Shang of The Philanthropy Centre, and Dean McJannet and the donor analytics team at iNFORMED.

If you participate we’ll give you concrete ideas for how you can bolster giving, retention and legacy intentions and it won’t cost you a penny beyond the basic subscription cost to the LENS.


For an informal discussion, please call Adrian Sargeant on +44 (0) 1752 545706.