Communications Audit

Can your charity easily increase donations?

Maybe by twice as much?


Science says so, anyway.

Putting new psychological insights to work, we’ve seen at various organizations across North America increases of 30%, 700%, 1,000% in charitable income … by changing a few “minor” details.


RIGHT NOW: there’s a very good chance your nonprofit can massively increase donations, by simply rethinking the communications you already send out.

Care to know how?

Commission a donor communications audit from the Philanthropy Centre team, under the supervision of Dr. Adrian Sargeant.

Also on audit team: legendary copywriter Tom Ahern. As the New York Times recently said: “Tom Ahern … is one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.”

This audit will explain what ~ to raise more in donations ~ you’ll need to change and why … in full and excruciating detail.

And we’re not here to just help only the largest of charities. Fees are based on the volume of communication to be audited so everyone large or small can access the service.
For an initial conversation please contact Adrian Sargeant on 01752 545706 or