Our mission is to grow personally meaningful philanthropy around the world. We do that by enhancing the quality of the donor experience and the contribution that giving can make to human wellbeing.

Specifically, we help clients and fundraisers to reflect in a structured way on how they make people feel and to actively plan for the development of the wellbeing of their supporters. Fundraising can and does raise money, but it could raise massively more if it focused at least as much on the needs of the supporter as it currently does on the needs of the beneficiary.

We see fundraising exactly as Hank Rosso saw it “the servant of philanthropy” and to become that servant we can help you harness the powerful new science of philanthropic psychology to engineer much greater value for your donors.

And we have plenty of evidence that attending to how good people feel isn’t just good for the individual and the “right” thing to do. It also delivers massively more income and massively more sustainable relationships.